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DVD: VRDVD02 (ean code: 7640111769842)

Play time: 60 min
Play time Bonus Material 25 min
origin jear of release 2008
language::English / Schwitzerdütsch
SYSTEM: PAL, no country codes, play all regions

Here it is the long awaited: REVEREND BEAT-MAN' surreal folk blues gospel trash vol 3'
This DVD contains 19 Videoclips from the Music of 'surreal folk blues gospel trash vol 1+2' each of the clips is made by another Movie maker, each of the clip is Different to the other, one more one less Proffesional.. the creativity of the Filmmakers had no borders at all ,so you can see a Pupped Show video clip short movie or a Mass Baptising scene or a Clip made in a Strip Joint, or Reverend Beat-Man on the Electric Chair, Reverend Beat-man's son who sings 'the clown of the Town' or Reverend beat-man hit by a car laying in his Blood and singing 'no hope'... when we started the project we thught it's gonna be trash but what came in was mostly hi quality stuff the people behind the camera proofs that you don't need a lot of money to make movies these days what counts is the idea and a good eye of the Camera Man
We are very proud and happy to present you this DVD that comes as well with a lot of bonus material, like a before unreleased song a slid show and a off Take clip and the WHOLE Mass Baptising Scene

All Countries can Play PAL on their DVD-Player we have on our DVD's no region code on it.
Problem is not all people realize they can play PAL and NTSC both together.. Most New DVD Player play all PAL and NTSC


Hier ist sie ,die lang erwartete: REVEREND BEAT-MAN' surreal Folk blues Gospel trash vol 3'
Diese DVD enthält 19 Video Clips von den 2 vorgängigen Alben: 'surreal Folk blues Gospel trash vol 1+2' jeder der Clips ist von einem anderen Filmemacher gedreht und geschnitten worden (Filmemacher aus: Schweiz, Deutschland, Polen, Belgien und Italien) und jeder Clip hat etwas eigenes, es wurden den Künstlern keine Grenzen gesetzt so sieht man zum Beispiel eine Puppen Show Kurzfilm Clip bei ‚the Beat man way' oder eine Massen Tauf-szene am Wohlensee in Bern wo Beat-Man aufgewachsen ist, oder auch einen Clip in einem Striptease Lokal mit viel haut oder auch ganz adrett : Reverend beat-man überfahren von einem Auto in seinem eigenen Blut liegend und ‚no hope' vor sich her singend auch Reverend Beat-Man's sohn Chet singt ‚the Clown of the Town' und so weiter.. kein Clip ist wie der andere einmal Professionell einmal komplett dilettantisch punk style,
als wir die idee hatten dachten wir das wir nur so live Clips bekommen würden aber wir haben uns getäuscht, jeder Clip ist ein eigenes Universum , was wichtig ist die Kreativität und ist das Auge vom Kameramann.
Unsere finanz-Situation ist nicht grad rosig sind konnten wir auch kaum was zahlen, jeder Hat Gratis oder für sehr Wenig Geld gearbeitet. Zu den Clips gibt's noch etliches Bonus material wie einen bisher unveröffentlichten Song ,ein off take video clip eine slide show, und die Massen-Taufszene in Ganzer Länge........ viel spass


Anyone who reads my output on a regular basis knows that I think Voodoo Rhythm Records is the most incredible record label in the world with a talent line-up that has yet to be topped. The man behind it all is Reverend Beat-Man, a musician/visionary whose god-given gifts are as unique as they are timeless. He puts out music for musicians and miscreants and doesn't care how the "market" will react to it. Unless you deal with the music industry a lot, you can't imagine how refreshing that is.
As mentioned previously, Beat-Man isn't merely the founder of the label. He's also a musician, and that's what this DVD (in PAL format) is all about: music videos from various directors (including the soon-to-be-new-god of cinema, M.A. Littler) doing their bit to make Beat-Man's songs come to life. How much enjoyment you get from it depends solely on what you think of Beat-Man's material.  Reverend Beat-Man's label is stationed in Switzerland. The acts it signs are mostly non-American in origin. Plenty of them, however, do traditionally American music better than we Americans. Reverend Beat-Man is no exception. He picks up his guitar (or banjo) and produces amazing blues/trash/rock songs about redemption, sex, sin, and Satan. He preaches his attack and croons his Christ. And these videos show why he deserves your attention.
Personally, I detest music videos. I think they detract from the songs. I was part of the first MTV generation, when videos were actually shown on the channel. I admit I liked them at first as it was cool to see the musicians in action, but the novelty quickly wore thin. When I catch a video these days, it's nothing more than some generic hip hop star lip synching some generic hip hop song about trying to be a Beverly Hills wife while generic hip hop women gyrate around against some generic hip hop background (usually a tricked out Caddy or dimly lit club). To say I was hesitant to watch a DVD of Reverend Beat-Man's videos would be a lie, though. I knew that whatever Beat-Man would put out would be worth my time. I was right. Boy, was I right.
Since these videos were shot by different directors, they all feel a little different. Some are experimental (using things like animation and puppets), while others tell a story. Some are little more than Beat-Man performing. All of them, however, help take the man's songs to a new level. Some stand-outs are the strip-club based "Our Girls" (directed by the Cornelia Cimato, who is impressive to say the least); "I've Go [sic] the Devil Inside" (Littler); "Jesus Christ Twist," which is an incredible song that just got better with the help of Rafael Perez; and the visually-simple-yet-striking "I Want You to Feel" (directed by Tea Soza and Tanja Roscic).
These videos aren't the type you'll see on any of the music channels as few Americans have yet to embrace "the Beat-Man way." True music fans, however, won't let the lack of exposure bother them because these videos are fresh, exciting, and strangely familiar. This stuff is roadhouse magic performed on a stormy night with chicken blood on the walls, a screaming baby, and a nun dripping with sweat. This is the kind of thing the good Lord would have you stay away from, but would understand if you were tempted. He'd forgive you, too... eventually. In the meantime, though, sit back and enjoy the walk into Hell. But watch your feet. This path is paved not with good intentions, but with broken guitar strings and beer bottles, and the pain is something you'll hope will never go away.

OX (D)
Wenn da unten eine Hölle ist, wird er dort landen: Pastor Beat-Man aus der Schweiz ist zurück und predigt den Rock'n'Roll - diesmal allerdings nicht nur auf das Akustische beschränkt wie bei den Alben "Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash" Vol. 1 und Vol. 2, sondern um die visuelle Komponente erweitert. Zu 18 Songs wurden in den letzten Jahren Videoclips gedreht, fast jeder von einem anderen Filmemacher, sämtliche mit einem Null-Budget, nur mit Hilfe von Freunden, und das Ergebnis ist ein mächtiges Dokument überschäumender Kreativität und No-Budget-D.I.Y.-Mentalität - "The Beat-Man Way" goes movie.  Schlagt mich, aber das hier ist große Kunst: Hier werden keine von Erstsemester-Filmstudenten gebastelten Filmchen geboten, sondern in jedem Einzelfall ein sorgsam auf die krude Beat-Man'sche Rock'n'Roll-Gospel-Punk-Show zugeschnittener Kurzfilm, jeder in einer eigenen Ästhetik, oft schwarz-weiß, oft mehr nach Mittlerem Westen als nach Berner Oberland aussehend, mit Go-Go-Tänzerinnen, einsamen Männern, Alkohol, jeder Menge religiöser Symbolik und Taufszenen, die locker als Blasphemie durchgehen.  Mein Hit ist allerdings der mit Muppets ähnlichen Puppen gedrehte Clip zum die gesamte Beat-Man-Idee auf den Punkt bringenden "The Beat-Man way". Großes Kino, in jeder Hinsicht, und unbedingt sehenswert. (9)Joachim Hiller

500 years of democracy and peace gave us the cuckoo clock and Voodoo Rhythm
A few years ago, I praised Stan Ridgway for releasing the DVD version of his album Holiday in Dirt, pointing out that his compilation of videos by various directors showed "hope for the beleaguered art form of the music video" and gave viewers "a glimpse at what might have been had MTV lived up to its original promise." Indeed, music videos seem to be a dying art form. MTV hardly even shows them at all anymore. Holiday in Dirt-quality video projects are few and far between.But the music video is not completely dead. From the neutral nation of Switzerland comes a character who calls himself Reverend Beat-Man, with a collection of videos under the aptly named title Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash, Vol. 3. Beat-Man is the founder, chief artist, and probably janitor of Voodoo Rhythm Records."I have to get up in the morning out of the bed, and I have to play guitar," Beat-Man says in the 2006 documentary Voodoo Rhythm: The Gospel of Primitive Rock 'n' Roll. "I have to go to the office and put out records that nobody buys. I just have to do it. I don't know why."Now he's released a collection of 19 music videos based on songs selected from his recent solo audio albums Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.Using several directors — including himself — Beat-Man presents a series of weird morality plays involving Jesus, Satan, and lots of strippers. That eternal struggle of God and the devil provides two of the most satisfying stomp rockers here — "I See the Light" (not the Hank Williams classic, but a warped boogie re-imagining of "I'm My Own Grandpa") and "Jesus Christ Twist."
"Go down to your father's place/Take a hammer and some nails/Nail your partner to the cross/Dance around and have some fun/Now do the Jesus Christ twist," he growls in the latter song, which features black-and-white scenes of the crucifixion and rioting teen rockers. Blasphemy never sounded like so much fun. In several videos, Beat-Man portrays a preacher. In the song "Jesus," he goes down to the river to pray — and to baptize his flock. He also appears as a one-man band with guitar and bass drum.
But even more interesting is "I've Got the Devil Inside," in which the preacher is tied up, tempted, and tormented by two sexy captors, one of whom wears a mask and eats fire. A similar theme is explored in "Our Girls." As the liner notes explain, "Suppressed Guys need to learn about women. They experience Sex and Violence at a burlesque show. Their masters let them leave as Men." Most of the action takes place in a room with red vinyl sofas and sparkling red curtains.
Beat-Man is portrayed by a puppet in "The Beat-Man Way" and by a child in "Clown of the Town." But in one of the most striking videos, Beat-Man is never shown. "Meine Kleine Russin" features stop-motion animation using objects like a painted Mexican skull, a stuffed raven, fresh fruit, flowers, and a glass of red wine. The song sounds like Slavic folk influenced by the music of Voodoo Rhythm regulars The Dead Brothers. Beat-Man can call it "trash," but the video is really quite beautiful.
In the closing credits, Beat-Man points out that all the videos were made with financial assistance from no one. The filmmakers and their crews — you get the idea they're all friends and friends of friends of Voodoo Rhythm — volunteered their time to make it happen, which is pretty remarkable when you think about it.
Atthis point Beat-Man becomes something of a camp counselor for aspiring do-it-yourself artists. Repeating some of the same themes of "The Beat-Man Way," the closing credits read, "I hope you did like those videos, and I hope there will be many bands & artists who are following this idea. Be creative and do what-ever you wanna do. Don't let anybody tell you that you are a no-count. Also if you are, just don't give a [expletive] and do your own thing."
See voodoorhythm.com. Also check out the Sonic Nightmares podcast, garagepunk.com/category/podcast/sonic-nightmares, featuring Reverend Beat-Man and Gringo Starr.

I just finished the preparations of my planned lecture on the origins of Roman-Christian religion dogmas and what it does to people. Then I found a cross at a fleamarket made by an uncle artist. Jesus on it looked exactly like me. I still decided to give it to my mother for mother's day, also because it was her brother who painted this. For me it was a bit as if I gave my cross, I had to bear with them (and as how they imagined "their only way") back to her.
Besides, my conclusions for the lecture are that for this sort of Catholic religion there is no personal spiritual way, no road of discovering wisdom through life ; everything is only projected to the elite, where besides they thought to belong (my parent's house was where the priests gathered and developed their ideas,* (-one of them we needed to call uncle after a while ; he remained the closest family member ever since, i heard him preach in church more often with directions towards me what I did wrong-) and this happened while the shadow of things of whatever they tend to do or think about things was maintained and confirmed within and behind this situation). Catholic religion seems to give more energy to the processes of the hidden dark parts, making it's religion looks for me more like a confirmation of a Satan's way or benefit, while maintaining their own sins, and while condemning the rebels who could change things and increase possibilities, instead of restricting them, -those who could really see what was really happening. Even Jesus I'm sure was no Christian but looks more like a rebellious wisdom seeker, a reason for his crucifixion in the end, this is to a degree a celebrated important fact.
During my visit my father suddenly said he condemned the atheists because they're selfish and only see themselves, and that everybody must have something to believe in, as if believing in itself is important, (religion for them grows that way they change their decisions during their lives for what they accept and what not. Because believing in itself is the most important fact it seems in reality, I have noticed that they don't really believe in anything for real). He also said, as one of the only times he really said anything that showed any sort of vision at all, now as an 'opinion', that also incarnation he found a simplified way of thinking, to know that you can still come back and do it all over.  I became furious with his backwards judgements for his distinction between the superior God-believers and the others who in his vision can be nothing but immoral sinners. So, therefore I said that all great thinkers were atheists, (including Einstein who thought the God concept was hopelessly naïve) and that atheists are not selfish fools at all, but are more like realists (in a Plato fashion) who know that thinking is a projection and that people should take care of their own projections, besides religious people have shown me the heaviest sins, or idiot acts, and besides, I said, that Buddhists are also atheists.  Then they made up some lies on how much I had failed in life where they had done nothing else but be helpful. For this proclamation they exactly took out those few examples of my own attempts to make something of my studies, as if those were their initiatives, and the first where I could make a real choice of my own, and that I failed with it. I know it was through circumstances that I wasn't able to finish those last two studies, but I had already left them, with violence and in secret, because they never would have let me go, something they also denied. And in contrast to my vision on 'extremism in religion' they said that they were always open, as if I was ever led by any choice at all. Now, because I disagreed with their opinions, they said it was proof that I hadn't grown up myself yet. And for my immaturity in my visions I better find advice from someone who knows (a religious person). Their opposite approach of visions to me could only leave me sad or angry, knowing now even more how much their logic is not mine and never will be. In any manipulation they always were masters of adding confusion. Through time I can say how I understand their way of thinking, -it makes me sick, and that I know there exists no way they will ever get a grip on me, or not even how to themselves how they always have been keeping control of themselves and their environment. Let them leave me once more, alone.
The DVD of The Reverend Beat-Man after this is pure redemption and relief. It makes me smile now and then, while real dramas of realities are also sung about. Seductions and pain, it's all part of life. The raw blues gospel sincerity in the expressions is truly compensating, and from the depths of the soul it is demanding a pure life's energy, like punk but more consciously aware and directly consuming the trash. Of course this wouldn't have this form without its own comparable stories of personal confrontations with Christian religious order and sin. This odd mixtures of visions still comes to something honest and refers to a real person, with very direct expressions, and therefore : I love it. The songs can be simple, just slightly touching things that go much, much deeper into the soul essences of things ; it leaves them also unjudged, and pure, guided by an individuality that makes things strong in any of its raped circumstances, self-made seductions and failures or gotten into dramas, or just into the rawness of things. What I love very much is that each song has a different filmic concept, which makes it a real visual theatrical spectacle, from stage scenes, to poor man's situations, funeral-prayers of gospel blues inspirations, expressions by puppets, or imitations of a gig played by children, with some devilish woman's seductions appearing, references to 50s scenes, and to real life's situations of being drunk or fucked up, with some strange and sick family settings as one of the backgrounds, expressed from black and white to colour, to fish-eye perspectives or with a few drawing comic expressions, sung in Swiss language, or German, -just once-, but mostly in English. I also pretty much like the thoughtful arrangements of banjo, electric guitars, drums and occasional other instruments, and the charismatic presence of the singer. Well prepared, and of course well recommended.

Den letzten Teil seiner "Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash"-Trilogie hat Reverend Beat-Man auf DVD veröffentlicht: Der Berner Underground-Held setzt damit dem Ergebnis seiner Arbeit, der vergangenen paar Jahre, die Krone auf. Beatman hat für die DVD Filmemacher eingeladen seine Songs von den beiden Vorgängeralben (Volume 1 und 2) visuell umzusetzen. 18 Filmemacher aus dem In- und Ausland sind dem Ruf gefolgt und haben sich im Laufe des Jahres 2007 für den Reverend zünftig ins Zeug gelegt. Bei der Wahl der Songs sowie der künstlerischen Mitteln hat Beatman den Filmemachern keine Grenzen gesetzt. Die 18 Clips sind dementsprechend kreativ und vorallem einzigartig geworden.

Faites le plein de bières, commandez des pizzas, invitez vos potes et virez vos copines pour la soirée: l'heure est à la fête!  Un DVD avec pas moins de 19 clips arty, pour la plupart exceptionnellement chouettes, trash, malsains, drôles etc. Le concept - s'il en est - est que des producteurs underground du monde entier fassent un clip pour Beat-Man. Résultat: on s'attendait à du trash, mais il en ressort une qualité hors-pair, malgré que, pour chaque clip, un budget risible voire pas de budget du tout était alloué.  Parmi les perles: le booze de Don't Stop To Dance (où l'on voit notre homme siffler une bouteille de whisky de l'Ile de Jura, ce qui est tout de même une preuve de bon goût), le shocking Jesus Christ Twist par le génial Rafael Perez - clip que l'on vous avait déjà présenté dans nos actus - qui a également oeuvré sur le gothique Coco Grace. Sur "Letter to Myself", Zeitgeist fait preuve d'une grande créativité en projettant les textes ainsi que des ombres chinoises sur des corps dénudés. Dans le même esprit de prises de vues dans l'obscurité, Tea fait très fort sur "I Want You To Feel" en mêlant mime, danse et illusion.  Puis émerveillement garanti sur le jazzy (!!!) "Beat-Man Way", avec son Puppet Show incroyable. Enfin, sur The Clown Of The Town, on voit même le fils de Beat-Man!
Enfin, I've Got The Devil Inside est absolument interdit aux épileptiques, pour cause de stroboscopes. Et de cracheuses de feu. Et de chaise électrique. Et de SM. Et de jolies filles.  La quasi totalité filmée en Super 8, of course. La liste des plaisirs de ce DVD est bien longue. Remarquez que nous n'avons, à aucun moment en ces lignes, mentionné la qualité de la musique.  Et en plus, il y a des bonus... Boris Berger

Die Krönung kommt zu letzt. Und sie kommt eindrücklich. Erdrückend. Fesselnd. Faszinierend. Unfassbar. „Bei mir geht's auf und ab im Leben, schön und weniger. Und jetzt war halt gleich Zeit für neue Scheiben - Gleich drei Scheiben, weil es dermassen abging in den letzten Jahren, mit Frauen und Kindern und so Zeug. Und Frauen, aber auch Liebe und das ganze Zeug – das ist mein Topthema." Das sagte Beatman vor knapp einem Jahr am Lakesidefestival. Jetzt ist es vollbracht, „Surreal folk blues gospel trash", die Dritte, ist da. Und wie! Der kleine Silberling präsentiert nicht nur Ton – nein, Beatman hat gleich eine DVD daraus gemacht. Akkustisch eine Art Best-Of der Volumes 1 und 2 – komplettiert mit den passenden Bildern dazu. Himmel, Hölle, Lieben, Leben, Hassen, Lassen, Saufen und Raufen – Beatmans Welt umfasst weiss Gott gewiss die ganze Spannbreite menschlicher Existenz. Dass nun eine ganze Schar Künstler aus dem In- und Ausland diese Beatmans Welt filmisch umsetzen ist ein echtes Kunstwerk; zusammengebaut aus 19 einzelnen kleinen Kustwerken. Klassische Livevideos haben ebenso Platz wie spannende Kurzfilme, Visual-Kunst – und als Sahnehäubchen Beatman als Kasperli-Theater. Wahrlich grosses Kino, naturgemäss mit grossem Sound unterlegt. Skurril wie das Werk bisweilen erscheint, lässt „Surreal folk blues gospel trash vol III" wahrlich tief blicken und lockt, sich hineinstürzen zu lassen...

Den Abschluss seiner „Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash"-Trilogie präsentiert uns der Reverend im DVD-Format. Zwei Jahre wurde in europäischen Filmschmieden und Hinterhöfen gedreht, gewerkelt und geschnitten was das Zeug hielt, um die musikalischen Taten und Visionen des Berner Underground-Helden in laufenden Bildern darzustellen. Das Ergebnis enthält eine Kurzansprache seiner Durchlaucht und 18 sehr kurzweilige Videoclips, die zu Songs von „Gospel Trash Vol. 1 & 2" gedreht wurden. Das Spektrum der Ideen ---> reicht dabei vom Besäufnis in der Stripbar über den Beat-Man auf dem elektrischen Stuhl über ein Puppenspiel über eine Massentaufszene bis zu Beat-Man jun. der vor des Vaters Plattenregal stehend „The Clown Of The Town" intoniert. Keine Gesetze, keine Limits - einfach eine wahnsinnige Ideenvielfalt, die nur low budget aber mit viel Engagement und Eigeninitiative umgesetzt wurde. Danke an die Clipschaffenden für dieses ganz große Kino.

Auf "Surreal Folk Blues" Volume 3 finden sich 19 Videoclips zu fast allen Songs auf den beiden Alben "Surreal Folk Blues" Volume 1 und 2. BEAT-MAN's Idee war befreundete Filmemacher auf der ganzen Welt zu fragen, zu je einem Song Bildmaterial herzustellen, ob mit oder ohne ihn. Daß der Mann echte Freunde hat, sieht man am vergossenen Herzblut aller Mitwirkenden. Obwohl kein Geld vorhanden war und alle Schauspieler, Techniker, Bühnenbildner, Künstler... umsonst mitgearbeitet haben, ist das Ergebnis phänomenal und zeigt, daß die Idee und Liebe bei der Umsetzung reicht, um hervorragende Kurzfilme, Puppentrickfilme, oder einfach nur stimmige Videoclips zu produzieren. Wirklich kurzweilige Unterhaltung, die tief in die Welt des REVEREBND BEAT-MAN blicken läßt, die neben tragischen Beziehungen und den damit verbundenen, schmerzlichen Trennungen, einerseits den echten Blues hat, aber auch aus Bars, Go Go Girls und natürlich jeder Menge Rock'n'Roll besteht. 60 Minuten Spielzeit, plus 25 Minuten Bonusmaterial. Kommt mit sehr schön gestaltetem Booklet. Language: English / Schwitzerduetsch, SYSTEM: PAL, no country codes, play all regions!

De missie van Reverend Beat-Man, een trilogie van twee cd's en één dvd die een quasi volledig beeld van zijn universum wilden geven, is voltooid. Konden we op de eerste twee volumes uitgebreid kennis maken met de veelzijdige muzikale exploten van de Reverend, deze keer krijgen we een selectie van de nummers uit die eerste twee delen voorgeschoteld, maar voorzien van inventief beeldmateriaal. Zoals we de man kennen is ook voor deze dvd het DIY-principe primair. De kosten werden, niet alleen wegens geldgebrek maar ook omdat het volgens de man zo hoort, zo laag mogelijk gehouden en iedereen die aan de totstandkoming van de video's heeft meegewerkt, deed dit puur vrijwillig, zonder enige vorm van verloning maar des te meer geapprecieerd door de Reverend zelf en ook door de kijker. De filmpjes zien er namelijk veel minder primitief uit dan we zouden kunnen verwachten en er is een heel grote diversiteit waar te nemen. Er staan nauwelijks clips tussen waarbij we alleen maar een onemanband op zijn instrumenten aan het werk zien. Wel werd ervoor gekozen om de verhalen die de Reverend vertelt, zo goed mogelijk in beelden te vertalen. En dat is gelukt ook. 'Don't Stop To Dance' bijvoorbeeld bevat stripteasedansers in voodoorhythm-ondergoed waar niet alleen de Reverend zelf van zit te likkebaarden, velen onder u zullen dat ook doen. Prijsbeest 'Jesus Christ Twist' komt nu nog beter tot zijn recht dan zonder beeld. Reverend Beat-Man kan in deze achttien filmpjes vlot al zijn religieuze symboliek kwijt, in een sfeer van dood, verderf en verleiding. Verderfelijke bars en wulps vrouwvolk geven kleur aan de duivelse gelaatsuitdrukkingen van de Reverend, die zijn lol duidelijk niet op kan. Het filmpje van 'The Beat-Man Way' wordt verteld dor maffe poppenkastpoppen die wild te keer gaan, kinderen imiteren zijn wilde muzikale stijl en door de grote afwisseling blijven we geboeid een uur lang naar deze dvd kijken. De extra's stellen weinig voor, maar dat hoeft ook niet. Deze dvd is een mooie en zeer geslaagde afsluiting van een groots project dat door de Reverend met veel flair tot een goed einde werd gebracht. Wie zijn werk niet kent, kan hier beginnen. Succes gegarandeerd.
(Patrick Bruneel)

Der Reverend hat wieder zugeschlagen. Dieses mal hat Voodoo Rhythm schon die dritte DVD-Kompilation von Reverend Beat-Man zusammengestellt. Auf der DVD sind insgesamt 19 Clips von den letzten beiden Reverend Beat-Man-CDs „Surreal Folk blues Gospel trash" vol. 1 und 2. Die Videoclips sind von 17 Filmteams (aus der Schweiz, Deutschland, Polen, Belgien und Italien) gestaltet worden – ohne Grenzen künstlerischer Freiheit. Herausgekommen sind 19 höchst unterschiedliche Videos. Die Bandbreite reicht dabei von einer Massentaufe, über einen Dreh in einem Stripschuppen, über den Tod des Reverends, einer Puppenshow, comicstripartigen Videos etc. Und da es Videos zur Musik zu Beat-Man sind, ist eines für alle Videos garantiert: Trash, Trash, Trash. Videos und Musik sind roh, punkig, dreckig, zum Teil bewusst dilettantisch – und nicht zuletzt unterhaltsam. Dazu gibt es als Bonus einen unveröffentlichten Song, ein off take-Video, eine Diashow und eine extended version der Massentaufszene. Gott sei mit uns.